Masks fogging up your glasses? There’s an easy fix.

Canva2 - Set of medical protective face masks

Now that most people are wearing masks in public, you may have noticed masks can cause your glasses to fog up. This can be really aggravating, especially if you can’t see due to the fog. The good news is there’s a simple fix. If you tape the mask to the bridge of your nose, making sure to press the tape down near your cheeks, this will force air to go downwards instead of upwards towards your glasses. This results in an immediate reduction in fogging.

One brand I like is Nexcare gentle paper tape by 3M. This tape does not hurt when you pull it off and is very affordable. It may not be the most fashionable look, but these days that is the least of our concerns. I hope you find this tip helpful.

If you’re having trouble seeing or are due for an eye exam, we are open, sanitized, masked up, and ready to help!


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